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i'm a fucking princess

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  • broternia:

    *begins breakdancing gently* what’s wrong, son 

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  • officialjeffgoldblum:




    do you ever

    do you ever just have

    that one class

    that one freaking class

    that just depresses you when you think about it because

    oh god you hate it so much

    The bourgeoisie

    It’s back

    the bourgeoisie never left 



    no but really short people are so mean dude. i got a lot of short friends and they kinda scare me

    us tall people are so nice and soft-hearted and everyone always picks on us for being tall and we’re like “haha yeah”

    short people will easily start planning a murder if u pick on them

    It’s because they’re closer to hell.

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  • queerhawkeye:

    i really really wanna be excited about the deadpool movie but wade is probs gon be one or more of the following: 

    • heterosexual
    • only scarred enough to be manly but not enough to be ‘deformed’
    • a really ableist parody of schizophrenia or
    • just an neurotypical guy who likes to ‘act crazy’ 

    and i’m not all about that jazz 

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  • rainby rod


    ok i actually put the rainbow road theme at 70% speed and it sounds like an infomercial soundtrack from the 1980s

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  • jobhaver:

    secret government agent: tell me right now, do aliens smoke weed

    mulder: [tied to a chair in a dark room] i wont ever tell you this

    secret government agent: *punches mulder in the face* what kind of weed do aliens smoke

    mulder: *spits blood on the agent*

    secret government agent: where can i buy this dank ass space weed

    mulder: fuck you

  • 19 Sep  192613
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